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Toner, Gregory; Stifter, David; Cnockaert-Guillou, Nina; Färber, Beatrix; Hayden, Deborah; Ní Mhaonaigh, Máire; Tucker, Joanna; Yocum, Christopher Guy
Developing a Digital Framework for the Medieval Gaelic World
Digital Humanities Research Network 2020–21
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Recent decades have witnessed great advances in the availability and variety of online resources for research into the pre-Modern Gaelic world. While this may make research easier, faster and more efficient, it has also changed, and will continue to change, the nature of scholarly research and the ways in which the public can interact with it. This network has focused on the impact of digitisation on research into medieval Ireland and Scotland. A deeper understanding of how we currently use digital resources will lead to improved applications of technology in future research and more intelligent, innovative use of resources -- if we heed the lessons taught by successful projects. This report contains the outcome of four online workshops, one training event, and continuous collaboration by experts in this area.,1334209,en.pdf
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Irish Research Council
Jointly funded by AHRC and IRC within the Digital Humanities Research Network 2020–21