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Davitt, F.; Rahme, K.; Biswas, S.; Holmes, J. D.
Solution Phase Growth and Analysis of Super-thin Zigzag Tin Selenide Nanoribbons
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Data from publication: Nanotech. 2022, 33 (13), 135601(1-12).
Tin selenide (SnSe), a highly promising layered material, has been garnering particular interest in recent times due to its significant promise for future energy devices. Herein we report a simple solution-phase approach for growing highly crystalline layered SnSe nanoribbons. Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) was used as a templating agent to selectively passivates the (100) and (001) facets of the SnSe nanoribbons resulting in the unique growth of nanoribbons along their b-axis with a defined zigzag edge state along the sidewalls. The SnSe nanoribbons are few layers thick (∼20 layers), with mean widths of ∼40 nm, and achievable length of>1 μm. Nanoribbons could be produced in relatively high quantities (>150 mg) in a single batch experiment. The PVP coating also offers some resistance to oxidation, with the removal of the PVP seen to lead to the formation of a SnSe/SnOx core-shell structure. The use of non-toxic PVP to replace toxic amines that are typically employed for other 1D forms of SnSe is a significant advantage for sustainable and environmentally friendly applications. Heat transport properties of the SnSe nanoribbons, derived from power-dependent Raman spectroscopy, demonstrate the potential of SnSe nanoribbons as thermoelectric material.
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