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Trager-Cowan, C. and Sweeney, F. and Trimby, P. W. and Day, A. P. and Gholinia, A. and Schmidt, N. -H. and Parbrook, P. J. and Wilkinson, A. J. and Watson, I. M.;
Physical Review B
Electron backscatter diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging of tilt and dislocations in nitride thin films
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In this paper we describe the use of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) mapping and electron channeling contrast imaging-in the scanning electron microscope-to study tilt, atomic steps and dislocations in epitaxial GaN thin films. We show results from a series of GaN thin films of increasing thickness and from a just coalesced epitaxial laterally overgrown GaN thin film. From our results we deduce that EBSD may be used to measure orientation changes of the order of 0.02 degrees, in GaN thin films. As EBSD has a spatial resolution of approximate to 20 nm, this means we have a powerful technique with which to quantitatively map surface tilt. We also demonstrate that electron channeling contrast images may be used to image tilt, atomic steps, and threading dislocations in GaN thin films.
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