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Hashemizadeh, SA and Wells, JPR and Murzyn, P and Brown, J and Jones, BD and Wang, T and Parbrook, PJ and Fox, AM and Mowbray, DJ and Skolnick, MS;
Applied Physics Letters
Picosecond carrier dynamics in AllnGaN multiple quantum wells
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We report on measurements of stimulated emission in AlInGaN multiquantum wells using ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy. Low power photoluminescence (PL) of Al0.04In0.015Ga0.945N/Al0.12In0.01Ga0.87N multiquantum wells (MQW) yields a single MQW PL peak at 347.2 nm at 10 K. Wavelength degenerate pump-probe measurements show a single exponential decay at excitation densities below the stimulated emission threshold having a recombination decay constant of 160 ps at room temperature. At excitation densities greater than 50 mu J/cm(2) a biexponential decay is observed, with a fast component (3.3 ps at I-exc=690 mu J/cm(2)) attributed to accelerated relaxation due to stimulated emission. The fractional strength of this fast component indicates that up to 85\% of the excited carriers relax via stimulated emission. (c) 2005 Americian Institute of Physics.
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