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Tanner, BK and Parbrook, PJ and Whitehouse, CR and Keir, AM and Johnson, AD and Jones, J and Wallis, D and Smith, LM and Lunn, B and Hogg, JHC;
Applied Physics Letters
Dependence of the critical thickness on Si doping of InGaAs on GaAs
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The formation of misfit dislocations during the initial stages of relaxation of In0.04Ga0.96As epitaxial layers on (001) GaAs has been studied by in situ high-resolution double crystal x-ray topography during molecular beam epitaxy growth. Relaxation is initially anisotropic with the fast B(g) dislocations being nucleated before the slow A(g) set. On doping with Si up to a maximum concentration of 4x10(18) atoms/cm(3), an increase in critical thickness was observed for both dislocation sets. The data can be fitted to an extension of the Matthews-Blakeslee model that includes a lattice friction force varying linearly with the dopant concentration. (C) 2000 American Institute of Physics. [S0003- 6951(00)04840-3].
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