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David Murphy and Flaithri Neff;
2011 May
Game Sound Technology and Player Interaction: Concepts and Developments
Spatial Sound for Computer Games and Virtual Reality
IGI Global
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The sounds that a player hears while immersed in a game can have dramatic effects on that person, opening up a considerable, far-reaching field of research.

Game Sound Technology and Player Interaction: Concepts and Developmentsresearches both how game sound affects a player psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically, and how this relationship itself impacts the design of computer game sound and the development of technology. This compilation also applies beyond the realm of video games to other types of immersive sound, such as soundscape design, gambling machines, emotive and fantastical sound to name a few. The application for this research is wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, and of primary importance for academics and practitioners searching for the right sounds.

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