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Claver Irakoze with Caroline Williamson Sinalo
Transmitting Memories in Rwanda: From a Survivor Parent to the Next Generation
Brill Press
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Childhood Trauma Discrimination Genocide Rwanda Life writing Biography Memory Preservation Memory Parenting Africa Great Lakes Conflict Kabgayi Storytelling
Known for its breathtaking scenery, the central-east African country of Rwanda lived through one of the worst episodes of violence of the late 20th century, known as the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, in which over a million people were brutally murdered in 100 days. This book recounts the personal story of Claver Irakoze who survived the genocide as an eleven-year-old child and, like other Rwandans of his generation, is now grappling with the heavy responsibility of raising children in the post-genocide context. Tracing the various stages of Irakoze’s life experiences, each chapter teases out issues surrounding childhood, parenting and the transmission of memories between generations. The final chapter draws on Irakoze’s personal and professional experience to provide some reflections on managing memories of genocide within the family.
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