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Lee, A., Liker, M., Fujiwara, Y., Yamamoto, I., Takei, Y., & Gibbon, F.
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
EPG research and therapy: Future developments
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Electropalatography EPG speech science phonetics speech therapy
Electropalatography (EPG) has been used in the past 50 years for studying the patterns of contact between the tongue and the palate during speech production in typical speakers and those with speech disorders due to different causes. At the 7th EPG Symposium in Japan that was held online on 24 January 2021 (see:, a panel of invited experts discussed their views regarding further developments and application of the technique. This paper provides a summary of this discussion. EPG offers information on articulation which cannot be replaced by other instrumental measures of speech. Identified areas for further hardware development are thinner EPG plates, better dental and palatal coverage, wireless connectivity, and sensors that provide additional articulatory information (e.g. tongue pressure, tongue-palate distance). EPG can serve as a resource for teaching speech disorders and phonetics. Furthermore, EPG therapy can be combined with telepractice in the speech therapy of clients with speech disorders.
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