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Khalil, Alexander K
The Ninth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music: “Church Music and Topography: City, Village, and Monastery” The International Society for Orthodox Church Music – ISOCM
The Chanting of Rev. Hanna Sakkab: a musical topography of time
Joensuu, Finland
Keynote Speaker
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When reflecting on topography and church music—particularly in the Orthodox church—one naturally thinks of communities that have existed in one locale over vast stretches of time and what might be preserved by and learned from them. In the Byzantine tradition, Mt. Athos, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and many other monastic or urban centers come to mind. While indeed much of my own work has focused on music as practiced in such places, and much can be learned from them, this way of thinking results in a topography of church music that is deceptively static, simply mapping differences in musical style to corresponding geographic locations. I propose an alternative approach that considers understanding of both place and musical style as dynamic both at the individual and collective level. People move. Communities—all communities—are in a constant state of dispersal and realignment. This presentation will explore the dynamics of one such dispersal, the Palestinian diaspora, through the life and music of Rev. Hanna Sakkab of blessed memory, a priest from Jerusalem.