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Moore, L., Murphy, M., & Wall, J.
Clinical Psychology Today
Older Adults’ Experience of and Attitudes towards using Technology for Mental Health
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Older adults (OAs) are particularly vulnerable to negative mental health effects from isolation and loneliness. During the COVID-19 pandemic many older adults are experiencing greater isolation, and many mental health services have moved to remote access. Knowledge and experience of technology are likely barriers for OAs in accessing these supports. Our research aims to understand OAs’ experience of, and attitudes towards, using technology; both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. It was hypothesised that the older cohort (75+) would be less experienced and comfortable with technology and that greater exposure to technology would be associated with greater comfort with its use. Participants (n = 22) were service users (SUs) of an older adult mental health service in Ireland. Results indicated no differences in exposure to technology or comfort with technology based on age. Increased exposure to technology was associated with greater comfort with use, including for engagement with mental health services (MHS). This research has implications for how remote services are offered to and conducted with older people.
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