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Deniz Mevlevioğlu, Sabin Tabirca, David Murphy
IMX 2022
Emotional Virtual Reality Stroop Task: an Immersive Cognitive Test
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biosensors, biosignals, VR, emotional Stroop, Stroop color-word test, anxiety
JB, Aveiro, Portugal
Stroop Colour-Word Task has been widely used as a cognitive task. There are computerised and Virtual Reality versions of this task that are commonly used. The emotional version of the task, called the Emotional Stroop Colour-Word task is commonly used to induce certain emotions in a person. We are developing an application that brings the Emotional Stroop Colour-Word task into Virtual Reality. The aim of this application is to elicit different stress levels on the user and to record associated brain, heart and skin activity using wearable sensors. It is an immersive application that includes a tutorial, artificial intelligence generated audio instructions and a logging system for the user activity.
Science Foundation Ireland
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Science Foundation Ireland
Grant number 18/CRT/6222