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Alshaikh RA;Waeber C;Ryan KB;
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Polymer based sustained drug delivery to the ocular posterior segment: barriers and future opportunities for the treatment of neovascular pathologies.
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There is an increasing momentum in research and pharmaceutical industry communities to design sustained, non-invasive delivery systems to treat chronic neovascular ocular diseases that affect the posterior segment of the eye including age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Current treatments include VEGF blockers, which have revolutionized the standard of care for patients, but their maximum therapeutic benefit is hampered by the need for recurrent and invasive administration procedures. Currently approved delivery systems intended to address these limitations exploit polymer technology to regulate drug release in a sustained manner. Here, we critically review sustained drug delivery approaches for the treatment of chronic neovascular diseases affecting the ocular posterior segment, with a special emphasis on novel and polymeric technologies spanning the spectrum of preclinical and clinical investigation, and those approved for treatment. The mechanism by which each formulation imparts sustained release, the impact of formulation characteristics on release and foreign body reaction, and special considerations related to the translation of these systems are discussed.
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