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Dockray, Samantha and O'Neill, Siobhán and Jump, Owen
Journal Of Research On Adolescence
Measuring the Psychobiological Correlates of Daily Experience in Adolescents
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Mapping the psychobiological correlates of social contexts, experiences, and emotional responses of adolescents in their daily lives provides insight into how adolescent well-being shapes, and is shaped by, experience. Measures of these psychobiological correlates are enabled by devices and technologies that must be precise and suitable for adolescent participants. The present report reviews the most often used research measures, and suggests strategies for best practice, drawn from practical experience. The rapid advances in technological methods to collect attuned measures of psychological processes, social context, and biological function indicate the promise for multimodal measures in ecological settings. Attaining these methodological goals will support research to secure comprehensive, quality data, and advance the understanding of psychobiological function in ambulatory settings.
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