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Borresen, T; Boyen, C; Dobson, A.; Hofle, M; Ianora, I; Jaspers, M; Kijoa, A; Olafsen, J; Querellou, J; Rigos, G; Wijffels, R;
Marine Biotechnology: A New Vision and Strategy for Europe
Ostend, Belgium
Marine Board-European Science Foundation Position Paper 15
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Biotechnology, the application of biological knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to develop products and other benefits for humans, is of growing inportance for Europe and will increasingly contribute to shape the future of our societies.  Marine Biotechnology, which involves marine bioresources, either as the source or the target of biotechnology applications, is fadt becoming an important component of the global biotechnology sector. The global market for Marine Biotechnology products and processes is currently estimated at ¿2.8 billion (2010) with a cumulative annual growth rate of 4-5%. Less conservative estimates predict an annual growth in the sector of up to 10-12% in the coming years, revealing the huge potential and high expectations for further development of the Marine Biotechnology sector at a global scale. 

Position paper for Marine Biotechnology
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