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Power, C., O'Callaghan, A., Kenny, M. and O'Connor, R.
The Menís Shed Movement and the Sustainable Development Goals: Local Responses to Global Challenges
Centre for Co-operative Studies , UCC
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Men's sheds; Sustainable Development Goals; Social inclusion; Sustainability by Stealth
This research identifies a multitude of ways in which menís sheds on the island of Ireland are currently supporting and promoting the SDGs. Although there has been no high-profile campaign under the SDG Champions initiative, menís sheds live out the principles that support the goals in their everyday activities. The social dynamic that characterises menís sheds contributes to the wellbeing and social inclusion of participants. The sheds also support community wellbeing and have become an integral part of the fabric of community life throughout Ireland in just over a decade since the first shed was established. Engagement in activities such as upcycling and producing nesting boxes highlights the (albeit sometimes unintended) pro-environmental work that menís sheds are already doing and suggests significant potential to develop menís shedsí contributions to environmental aspects of sustainability.
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Irish Research Council