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Burk K.;Desoeuvre A.;Boutin C.;Smith M.A.;Kröger S.;Bosio A.;Tiveron M.C.;Cremer H.
The Journal of Neuroscience
Agrin-signaling is necessary for the integration of newly generated neurons in the adult olfactory bulb
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In the adult forebrain, new interneurons are continuously generated and integrated into the existing circuitry of the olfactory bulb (OB). In an attempt to identify signals that regulate this synaptic integration process, we found strong expression of agrin in adult generated neuronal precursors that arrive in the olfactory bulb after their generation in the subventricular zone. While the agrin receptor components MuSK and Lrp4 were below detection level in neuron populations that represent synaptic targets for the new interneurons, the alternative receptora3-Na +K +-ATPase was strongly expressed in mitral cells. Using a transplantation approach, we demonstrate that agrin-deficient interneuron precursors migrate correctly into the OB. However, in contrast to wild-type neurons, which form synapses and survive for prolonged periods, mutant neurons do not mature and are rapidly eliminated. Using in vivo brain electroporation of the olfactory system, we show that the transmembrane form of agrin alone is sufficient to mediate integration and demonstrate that excess transmembrane agrin increases the number of dendritic spines. Last, we provide in vivo evidence that an interaction between agrin and a3-Na +K +-ATPase is of functional importance in this system. © 2012 the authors.
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