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Katja Burk
The endocytosis, trafficking, sorting and signaling of neurotrophic receptors
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Neurotrophins,Tropomyosin receptor tyrosine kinases Endocytosis, Endosomal trafficking, Signaling, Retrieval, Signal diversification
Neurotrophins are soluble factors secreted by neurons themselves as well as by post-synaptic target tissues. Neurotrophic signaling regulates several processes such as neurite growth, neuronal survival and synaptogenesis. In order to signal, neurotrophins bind to their receptors, the tropomyosin receptor tyrosine kinase (Trk), which causes internalization of the ligand-receptor complex. Subsequently, this complex is routed into the endosomal system from where Trks can start their downstream signaling. Depending on their endosomal localization, co-receptors involved, but also due to the expression patterns of adaptor proteins, Trks regulate a variety of mechanisms. In this chapter, I provide an overview of the endocytosis, trafficking, sorting and signaling of neurotrophic receptors.
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science
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