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Frizelle, P. & McGill, M.
Language, Speech, And Hearing Services In Schools
Prologue to the Forum: Speech and Language Tele-Intervention: The Future Is Now.
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This prologue introduces the LSHSS Forum: Speech and Language Tele-Intervention: The Future Is Now. The aims of the forum are (a) to report on the process of moving established in-person interventions to virtual delivery and (b) to provide speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with empirically based guidance on designing and implementing tele-interventions, in order to support academic success for school-age children with speech and language needs. The included articles explore the process, benefits, and challenges of providing intervention in speech, language, and literacy domains in a virtual environment with children. Although there are some logistical challenges, established treatments such as those targeting morphosyntax as well as communication partner training can be adapted for successful delivery online. In addition, the forum supports the delivery of an app-based articulation-focused intervention. SLPs report a number of challenges in relation to adapting and delivering interventions through telepractice, and parents express concerns in relation to SLPs' online evaluation of complex speech sound difficulties for children born with cleft lip and palate. Finally, using the principles of Minimal Intervention Needed for Change, a systematic approach to the adaptation of evidence-based interventions for online delivery, is outlined.
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