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Allen, B. & Boyle, B.
International Conference on Universal Access in Human Computer Interaction
Ensuring Access to the Information Society for People with Disabilities Through Effective Use of Design for All Methodologies
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Cerebral Palsy, Information Society, Ambient Intelligence
Stephanidis, C.
Since the European Commision’s Information Society Technologies Program Advisory Group (ISTAG) coined the phrase “ambient intelligence” [1], [2] a much anticipated future has been considered. That future would involve people with disabilities living in a world populated by interconnected networks of intelligent devices, providing the means for communication, information retrieval, entertainment. A responsibility now exists to include people with disabilities in the debate and discussion of what such a future will mean to them, how it will improve their quality of life and how the potential of future technologies can be appropriately exploited. This paper outlines a collaborative process undertaken by the Central Remedial Clinic, providing a total of 34 people with different disabilities with an opportunity to reflect on and discuss the ISTAG scenarios and envision their own future as citizens with disabilities in a world surrounded by and supported by, as yet unrealised, ambient intelligences.
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