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Arpad Szakolczai;
Liminality and Cultures of Change
Liminality and Experience: Structuring transitory situations and transformative events
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University of Cambridge, UK
This paper situates the concept of liminality within anthropology, philosophy and sociology, and underlines the connections across the disciplines by showing how the role of experience is crucial to a full understanding of the term, however applied. In order to point to the dynamics of liminal moments, the article introduces three complementary terms, namely ┐imitation┐, ┐trickster┐ and ┐schismogenesis┐. The usefulness of the concept of liminality is then demonstrated via a diversity of examples, including the analysis of intellectual ┐generations┐. Liminality helps to study events or situations that involve the dissolution of order, but which are also formative of institutions and structures. It is argued that the neglect of liminality in philosophy and social theory but also in social and political life is a serious hinder to a fuller grasp of some of the most problematic aspects of modernity.
CRASSH, University of Cambridge
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