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King, R., Dempsey, M., Minihane, K., Butler, N., Shreesta, A, & Tuohy-Hamill, S
PSI Annual Conference
Spree Killers and their Fans: An Evolutionary Perspective
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To use insights from our evolved natures to shed light on spree killings and attempted spree killings. The study includes archival studies of spree killers in the USA and attempted spree killers worldwide, an exploration of hybristophile fan sites who fetishise said killers. Analysis uses mixed methods, with structural equation modelling and content analysis. A strongly bimodal distribution of age-connected spree killers found with properties congruent with status acquisition/loss patterns predicted by life history theory. A bimodal distribution of hybristophiles also apparent and of potential clinical interest. Attention to our evolved natures can help us to understand the phenomenon of mass killings and drills down deeply into what is really meant by toxic masculinity.