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Bradfield, Tracy; Butler, Robert; Dillon, Emma J.; Hennessy, Thia; Loughrey, Jason
Journal of Rural Studies
Attachment to land and its downfalls: Can policy encourage land mobility?
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Attachment to land Land mobility Rural history Lease length Ireland
Sentimental ties to land in Ireland result in less than 1 percent of agricultural land being sold each year and land rental is among the lowest of countries in the European Union. The findings highlight that longer leases are associated with large farms and those with a high percentage of land rented in, but revised policies are required to encourage more landowners to rent out their land. Improved land mobility can reduce issues such as barriers to entry for farmers, the economic vulnerability of farms, low farm succession rates, low pensions and an ageing farmer population. The history of land in Ireland and the non-pecuniary benefits of farming are also discussed.
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