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Flood M.;Strawbridge J.;Sheachnasaigh E.N.;Ryan T.;Sahm L.J.;Fleming A.;Barlow J.W.
Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Supporting pharmacy students' preparation for an entry-to-practice OSCE using video cases
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Assessment Competency E-learning Objective structured clinical examination OSCE Pharmacy Video
Background and purpose: Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) are widely used, including in licensure examinations. OSCEs assess diverse skills in a structured manner, but can be stressful for students and have a significant organisational burden for faculty. Case-based video OSCE preparation resources were developed for students preparing for a licensure OSCE. The study aimed to examine student engagement, compare scores awarded by students to performances at specific competence standards with faculty scores, and examine usability, usefulness, and acceptability of the video cases. Educational activity and setting: Final year pharmacy students (n = 149) enrolled in an integrated master of pharmacy programme in Ireland were invited to participate. Six sets of recorded OSCE-based video cases were developed, comprising multiple recordings of the same case scenario, with each pitched at a different level of performance. Students watched and scored the video cases. Usability, usefulness, and acceptability were evaluated via questionnaire. Findings: One or more video cases were accessed by 70.5% of students. Score ratings awarded by the students, when compared to faculty ratings, showed an overall trend towards inter-rater agreement between students and faculty. Students felt positively in terms of the usability, usefulness, and acceptability of the videos. Video cases designed to support OSCE preparation for a high-stakes national pharmacy licensure examination were widely used by students and were perceived to be usable, useful, and acceptable. Such video cases may be a feasible alternative to additional mock OSCEs to support student preparation.
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