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Fass, TH;Cahill, R;Khan, M;Hao, GB;Cantillon-Murphy, P
Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies : Mitat : Official Journal Of The Society For Minimally Invasive Therapy
Design and pre-clinical evaluation of a folding magnetic anastomosis device for minimally invasive surgery
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Objective: This work presents the results of Benchtop tests and pre-clinical study of a novel design for a foldable magnetic anastomosis device. The device can be deployed through an endoscope device channel and fold into a ring larger than the deployment port. This new design enables the target application in JJ-anastomosis creation. Material and methods: The folding anastomosis device is constructed from a chain of permanent magnets suspended in a suture weaving inspired by the contact-aided compliant mechanisms. The device was deployed through an endoscope in Benchtop experiments and its expected coupling force was measured in a pull test. A set of experiments was executed during the pre-clinical study, where the device was deployed in the abdomen, to estimate the reliability of deployment and the plausibility of the use in jejuno-jejunal (JJ)- and gastrojejunal (GJ)-anastomosis creation. Results: The presented folding anastomosis device was shown to deploy through an endoscope device channel and a catheter with an inner diameter of 3.2 mm. After deployment the device folds reliably into a ring with an outer diameter of 7-8 mm. The folded device was shown to exhibit a coupling force comparable to similar cases of JJ-anastomosis creation. It is concluded that the presented design of a folding magnetic ring is suitable for select cases of magnetic compression anastomosis where the device is either delivered through a catheter to fold into an anastomosis ring larger than the deployment port or through an endoscopes device channel to allow for convenient visual confirmation of the device during placement.
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