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Mintz-Woo, K.
Global Sustainability
The NET Effect: Negative Emissions Technologies and the Need-Efficiency Trade-off
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bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, carbon dioxide removal, climate ethics, climate justice, direct air capture, geoengineering, negative emissions technologies
When developing and deploying Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), little attention has been paid to where they are developed. This is important because there are moral and legal implications of different strategies for economic development. On the one hand, one might want to develop NETs where they are likely to contribute most to global mitigation targets, contributing to a global climate solution. On the other hand, one might want to develop NETs where they can help support development on a regional basis, justified by regional demands. Both of these strategies could be morally justifiable, even if they have different implications in practice. I defend these arguments and suggest that they reflect the moral values of efficiency and responding to need, respectively. To the extent that these values conflict, they introduce an unrecognized challenge, which I call the Need-Efficiency Trade-off Effect (“NET Effect”). [Open access]
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