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Artistic Research Projects (Production)
K Allado-McDowell, Derrick Skye, Refik Anadol, Ying Wu, Alexander Khalil
Song of the Ambassadors
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Role: experimentalist, research designer
Song of the Ambassadors is an opera. It is also a meditation and a neuroscience experiment. The music is by composer Derrick Skye, whose work draws from classical traditions spanning the world, and integrates advanced electronics and instrumental techniques. The libretto is a hymn to the sun, space, and life written by K Allado-McDowell using the AI language model GPT-3, performed by three vocalists representing the opera's titular ambassadors. During the performance, neuroscientists Ying Wu and Alexander Khalil perform EEG and behavioural measurements with audience members.
New York, NY
Lincoln Center
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