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Erika Piazzoli & Manfred Schewe
Journal of Research in Arts Education - Journal de recherche en éducations artistiques
Arts education in Ireland: Visions of a performative teaching, learning and research culture
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In this paper we offer an overview of the arts in education in Ireland, making a case for a performative approach. We dis-cuss theory, research and practice – situating the develop-ments in Ireland within a multicultural context. We begin by offering our own definition of Arts (in) Education research, drawing on seminal policies and interrogating various art classifications, from a historical and etymological perspec-tive. Next, we consider their impact at a global and regional level and we examine how policy has influenced the curri-culum. Following this, we reflect on the ramifications of the-atre and drama in education, highlighting the fragmentation in the field. In the main argument of the paper, we make a case for performative education, illustrating our vision for performative language teaching and research. We suggest that theory of aesthetic experience can be a useful frame-work, and close with remarks on our contemporary society.
CH-2800 Delémont (Suisse)
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