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Dr Claire Dorrity: Event Organiser and Seminar Contributor
EMBRACE Project at a Glance: The Case of Mexico and Tunisia.
This presentation explored two research case studies on Border Securitisation Practices - The US Mexico Border and Tunisia and the Mediterranean Border
University College Cork
Oral Presentation
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Border externalisation in the form of land and sea surveillance, the erection of walls, offshore detention, accelerated deportations and increasing hostility towards people seeking protection/security, have become deeply entrenched in a politics of border enforcement both in the EU and across the globe. The EMBRACE project, an IRC funded research project, places a focus on the frontiers of border militarisation, with a specific focus on the EU Mediterranean border and the Mexican border. This event explores border shifts and the related impact on the everyday lives of migrants, refugees and those seeking protection/security both inside and outside of their country of origin. The event brings together academics, civil society organisations and activists working in the field of migration.
Irish Research Council (IRC)