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Lee, A., Bessell, N., van den Heuvel, Klessa, K., & Saaalasti, S.
Language Resources And Evaluation
The DELAD initiative for sharing language resources on speech disorders
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speech corpora speech disorders DELAD annotation tools research ethics Data Protection Impact Assessment DPIA
Sharing research data between researchers is becoming a requirement for open science in the field of clinical phonetics and speech and language pathology. An initiative entitled DELAD was started in 2015 to provide researchers a platform to discuss ongoing technical, legal and ethics issues related to sharing recordings of speech disorders, and to assist them in archiving their data for sharing with colleagues in the field. The ultimate goal of data sharing is to enhance research and teaching in the area of speech disorders. This paper first presents DELAD and its history and previous accomplishments. Then the recent work achieved by the DELAD steering group in providing information or recommendations in three areas are discussed: (1) speech annotation and automatic annotation mining, (2) consent and data storage, and (3) a role-play activity for learning data protection assessment. DELAD is an active community and researchers who share similar interests are welcome to join the (ad)venture.
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