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Lee, A., Bessell, N., van den Heuvel, H., Saalasti, S., & Klessa, K.
The 19th ICPLA (International Clinical Phonetics & Linguistics Association) Conference
DELAD for sharing corpora of disordered speech: An update
Salzburg, Austria
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Background: Database Enterprise for Language And speech Disorders (DELAD) is an initiative that aims to provide researchers a platform to discuss ongoing technical, legal and ethics issues related to sharing recordings of speech disorders, and to assist them in archiving their data for sharing with colleagues for research and education purposes. The project was initiated by Professors Martin Ball and Nicole Müller in 2015. This poster will report the latest progress of DELAD since our last presentation at ICPLA 2020 (June 2021). Method: To achieve the aims of DELAD, the Steering Group members meet monthly to update each other any pertinent issues and identify opportunities (e.g., conferences) to advertise the initiative. We organise regular workshops and invite researchers with relevant expertise to contribute to discussions related to open access of research data. We also follow up on items/tasks that arose from participants’ suggestions at the workshops. Results: The Steering Group had held the fifth and sixth Workshop online in January 2021 and September 2022 respectively, with IT support from CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure). A paper about DELAD based on the conference poster presented at ICPLA 2020 was published in “Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics” in early 2022. A case scenario specific for corpora of speech disorders for a role-play exercise around Data Protection Impact Assessment was developed based on the work of Esther Hoorn (a member of the CLARIN Legal and Ethical Issues Committee). A page of guidelines on consent and data storage was added to the DELAD website ( Guidelines about annotation of disordered speech will be available on the website before the conference. Conclusions: Steady progress for the development of DELAD has been made. Directions for further advance of the initiative will be discussed and information about contributing to the network will be made available.