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Salis, C., Kelly, H. & Code, C.
2019 Unknown
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders
Memory Impairments in Aphasia
SAGE Publications, Inc.
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Aphasia is a linguistic disorder that affects the understanding and productive use of verbal symbols in the spoken and/or written modalities. Historically, aphasia was viewed as a memory disorder. For example, Paul Broca’s classification of aphasia included verbal amnesia where patients had forgotten the meaning of words. Modern studies on aphasia have also revealed strong connections between language and verbal short-term memory (STM) as well as working-memory (WM) functioning. In this entry, two related impairments of memory that affect temporary (as opposed to long-term) encoding, processing, and storage of verbal information are discussed: STM and working memory. The focus is on verbal as opposed to nonverbal STM and WM, as these two constructs are defined in order to clarify similarities and differences. Then, STM and WM impairments that are seen in aphasia are discussed, as are the different experimental tasks of STM and WM that contribute to the identification of such impairments. (Aspects of clinical assessment and treatment of STM and WM deficits in aphasia are not covered.)
Damico, J.S. & Ball, M.J.
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