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Meskill, C. & Kelly, H.
From Molecules to People
A study on the co-design of a Speech and Language Therapy app for Individuals with Parkinsonís disease
UCC, Cork
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Parkinsonís disease is the fastest growing neurodegenerative disease worldwide with up to 90% of patients experiencing changes to their voice. Changes to the voice can have a significant impact on patientsí participation in social situations, thus impacting their quality of life. This includes communicating with family members, friends and unfamiliar communication partners including healthcare professionals. Speech and language therapists can help minimise and manage the impact changes to voice has on the quality of life for patients. However, in-person, one-to-one therapy is not always sustainable for long-term management, which leads to the movement to technology-based intervention and self-management. Aims: The purpose of this co-design study is to identify the components of an ideal speech therapy app from the perspectives of individuals with Parkinsonís Disease and speech and language therapists who work with this population through interviews and focus groups. Specifically, to a) explore the experiences, barriers, and facilitators in using technology by individuals with Parkinsonís disease from the perspectives of individuals with Parkinsonís Disease and speech and therapists, (b) define user-friendly elements in a software app from the perspectives of individuals with Parkinsonís disease, and c) explore the experience of Individuals with Parkinsonís Disease in participating in this co-design process. Method: People with Parkinsonís Disease and Speech and Language Therapists will participate in separate small focus groups or semi-structured interviews. This data is currently being analysed using Thematic Analysis and will be presented at the conference.