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Lee, A., Gibbon, F. E., & Law, J.
The 2008 ASHA Convention
Electropalatography for articulation disorders with cleft palate: A systematic review
Chicago, IL, United States
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Cleft palate could have a detrimental effect on speech acquisition, resulting in problems such as compensatory articulations, which could persist into adulthood. Although there is a substantial literature about speech intervention using electropalatography (EPG), there has not been a systematic review on its effectiveness. Hence, it remains difficult for speech-language therapists/pathologists to decide whether or not to use EPG in clinical practice. A Cochrane systematic review was conducted which identified no randomized controlled trial (RCT) on EPG intervention. No evidence exists to support or refute the effectiveness of EPG for speech therapy. Good quality RCT is warranted in this area.