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Niall P. Dunphy, Breffní Lennon, A. Luke Smith
Korea CCUS conference 2023
Effective Education and Meaningful Public Engagement for Large Infrastructure Projects
Busan, Republic of Korea
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Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is widely seen as a key component for climate change mitigation. In has been identified as a key technology possibly providing a cost-effective component of a portfolio of greenhouse gas mitigation measures given supportive regulatory context is. However, while CCS is seen as offering potential benefits, there has been high-profile public opposition, especially in relation to specific developments. There is growing concern that such public opposition to strategic energy and related infrastructure is threatening the envisaged decarbonization of our societies – take for example the cancellation of the Barendrecht CCS project in the Netherlands, which is seen (in part at least), as a failure of public engagement. The social acceptability (and by extension, public acceptance) of strategic infrastructure development such as CCS can be greatly facilitated by effectively engaging with the public meaningfully through appropriately designed education and public engagement programs. This paper draws from critical reviews of education and public engagement (EPE) programs undertaken in the context of carbon capture and storage and marine renewable energies. In this work key examples of EPE were characterized through desk research coupled with the use of targeted informants. A summary of this analysis is presented, including the nature of the project, its approach to public engagement, challenges faced, and particular successes noted. Building on this developed knowledge, a framework for focused EPE is forwarded and initial results from testing of key components of the EPE programme will be reported and discussed.
H2020 grant agreement # 884266