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Sheehy, P. and Mullan, B. and Moreau, I. and Kenny-Walsh, E. and Shanahan, F. and Scallan, M. and Fanning, L. J.;
Journal of Viral Hepatitis
In vitro replication models for the hepatitis C virus
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Soon after the discovery of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), attention turned to the development of models whereby replication of the virus could be investigated. Among the HCV replication models developed, the HCV RNA replicon model and the newly discovered infectious cell culture systems have had an immediate impact on the study of HCV replication, and will continue to lead to important advances in our understanding of HCV replication. The aim of this study is to deal with developments in HCV replication models in a chronological order from the early 1990s to the recent infectious HCV cell culture systems.
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