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Buffery, H.;
Shakespeare in Catalan: Translating Imperialism
University of Wales Press
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Who was Xespir? Why are Catalan adaptations and performances of Shakespeare currently causing such a stir internationally? What happens to the Shakespeare we think we all know when he is translated into a minority culture? "Shakespeare in Catalan" tells the history of Shakespeare's translation and reception in Catalonia, showing his importance for Catalan cultural regeneration since the nineteenth century and his contribution to the renewed vibrancy of contemporary Catalan culture. In "Shakespeare in Catalan", Buffery explores the cultural history of Shakespeare in Catalan from the nineteenth century right up to the present day. Beginning by tracing the vast range of different responses to his work, in translations, performances and original works inspired by his life and his plays, Buffery addresses the question of how and why Shakespeare was chosen over and above other universal authors and cultural values as an inspiration and a guide to Catalan cultural production
This is not just another book about Shakespeare. While it does reveal the existence of yet another ┐alternative┐ Shakespeare, it also takes the legendary man of letters beyond English-speaking shores in order to illustrate the diverse effects of translation in creating and deciding the afterlives of canonical texts. By focusing on a minority language spoken byover 7 million speakers yet still only partially recognized by the Spanish government, Shakespeare in Catalan tells us a story of the Bard as both a counter-imperialist deployed against colonial domination and a universal imperialist used to wield cultural authority.
ISBN: 9780708320112
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