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Buffery, H.;
1611. Revista de Historia de la Traducción
Tròpics de Shakespeare: Orígens i originalitat del Hamlet català
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Hamlet is one of the plays which has most captured the imagination of Catalan writers, actors, directors and playwrights. Indeed, as in many other European cultures, it might be argued that it is the play that determines all subsequent translation and reception of Shakespeare, siting the origins of his influence on European cultural tradition. This article presents a rhetorical history of Hamlet in Catalan, as traced through translations, adaptations and other rewritings of the play, as well as stagings and performances since the second half of the nineteenth century. It explores the play's status as one of the key generators of discourse about Shakespeare in Catalonia, and analyses the ways in which it interacts with other cultural discourses, on language, theatre and the politics of representation in Catalonia.
1611. Revista de Historia de la Traducción
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