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Buffery, H., Caulfield, C.
Barcelona: Visual Culture, Space and Power
University of Wales Press
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Arts and Society Spain Barcelona History 20th century Intellectual life 21st century urban space visual poetry theatre puppetry dance performance cinema Woody Allen Joaquim Jordà José Luis Guerin Ventura Pons Juan Mayorga Angels Margarit Salvador Dalí
This richly illustrated volume brings together fresh insights into the changing urban space of Barcelona from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. The collection focuses primarily on the complicated relationship between environment, identity, and performance as they were seen, explored, and portrayed by countercultural and avant-garde artists and communities from the 1960s to today. Drawing crucial links between theory and practice, and aesthetics and environment—and paying particular attention to the role of the avant-garde in challenging and disrupting dominant art forms and uses of urban space—Barcelona presents a variety of perspectives and approaches, drawing on art history, cultural geography, performance studies, and institutional critique.
The volume brings together researchers and practitioners from the UK, Catalonia, Europe and the US to explore groundbreaking countercultural artists and movements and their relationship to a particular environment, Barcelona, setting them alongside more commercialised, global images of the city and its culture. The book explores the relationship between space and performance, theory and practice, production and institutionalisation, through an encounter between academic research and aesthetic practice, showcasing contemporary Catalan visual and performance work by artists, poets, dramatists, dancers and choreographers, puppeteers and film-makers.
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