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João Martins; Tiago Ribeiro; Marcos Onofre; Adilson Marques; Félix Bolaños, Nuno Ferro; João Costa; David Sanchéz-Oliva
AIESEP International Conference 2023 "Emerging Horizons: Bridging the borders between Physical Education research and practice"
EUMOVE project: Educative resources developed for a school-based promotion of healthy and active lifestyles
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physical activity, sedentary behaviour, sleep, dietary habits, physical education, school.
Jorge Silva, Constanza Kameid Zapata
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Introduction: Most adolescents fail to meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity (PA) (Guthold et al., 2020). The school has been identified as a critical context to promote PA among all children and adolescents (WHO, 2018), with a multicomponent school PA program approach holding the potential to be more effective (Milton et al., 2021). The EUMOVE ( is a funded project by the Erasmus+ Sport (ref 622242-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-SPO-SCP) and its main goal is to design and implement a comprehensive set of strategies and resources to enable the school community to promote healthy lifestyles. Objective: We aim to present the resources developed by the EUMOVE consortium to promote healthy lifestyles in and through schools. Methods: The EUMOVE project is a 3-year project and involves academic and non-governmental institutions from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. During the initial 18 months, diverse strategies (e.g. literature review; problem-solving; software development and testing) were adopted to develop the resources. Results: The following educative resources were developed in 5 different languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian): Physically Active Lessons Toolkit, Real-Time Active Breaks Platform, Active School Commuting Toolkit, Learning Units about healthy lifestyles promotion, School Leaders Toolkit, Parents Toolkit about promoting healthy lifestyles, and an APP to connect researchers, teachers, students, and their families. The resources are ready to be used by the school community to promote active lifestyles. Conclusion: The EUMOVE project developed and offers evidence-based and innovative resources to be easily applied in a whole-of-a-school approach to promoting healthy lifestyles.
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EUMOVE Let’s move Europa: Schoolbased promotion of healthy lifestyles to prevent obesity Encourage participation in sport and physical activity