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Stephen Roddy
2023 Unknown
AI and the Future of Creative Work
Creative Machine-Human Collaboration: Toward a Cybernetic Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques in the Creative Arts
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cybernetics, Creative Arts, Music, Human-computer Interaction
This chapter chronicles developments in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning/deep learning (ML/DL) technologies in the creative arts from both technical and creative points of view. It then highlights two problematic themes that emerge in the discourse around AI/ML technologies in the arts. These are the master-servant dynamic and the anxiety that advancing AI/ML systems will replace human creatives. These themes are explored and criticized from both historical and contemporary perspectives before a mature approach to AI/ML in the creative arts, informed by creative applications of cybernetics, and the work of George E. Lewis, in particular, is presented.
Michael Filimowicz
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