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Mandatory Fields
Stephen Roddy, Brian Bridges
2018 Unknown
New Directions in Third Wave Human-Computer Interaction: Volume 2 - Methodologies
Sound, Ecological Affordances and Embodied Mappings in Auditory Display
Springer Nature
New York City
In Press
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Human-computer Interaction, Sonic Information Design, Embodied Cognition, Ecological Psychoacoustics,
The third wave of HCI has seen the widespread adoption of design principles borrowed from and informed by breakthroughs in the field of embodied cognitive science. These developments have taken place primarily in the contexts of visual media and interaction, but they are also of importance to the design of auditory displays and interactive systems in which sounds plays a dominant role, where they open up new affordances by which information might be communicated to a listener. This chapter examines the relationship between auditory display, sonic interaction design and embodied cognition and explores frameworks from embodied cognition that might inform the design of more informative auditory displays in a variety of contexts. It will do so by addressing these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together insights from cognitive science and philosophy, general HCI and computer science, along with music theory and practice.
Michael Filimowicz, Veronika Tzankova
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This publication has been funded by an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellwoship Award. This publication has emanated from research supported in part by a research grant from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund under Grant Number 13/RC/2077.