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Stephen Roddy
The International Conference on Auditory Display
Creating Signal to Noise Loops v4.
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Sonification, Cybernetics, Music, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Internet of Things Smart Cities, Human-computer Interaction, Audio Engineering
Signal to Noise Loops v4 is a data-driven audiovisual piece. It is informed by principles from the fields of IoT, Sonification, Generative Music, and Cybernetics. The piece maps data from noise sensors placed around Dublin City to control a generative algorithm that creates the music. Data is mapped to control the sound synthesis algorithms that define the timbre of individual musical voices and data is also mapped to control post-processing effects applied in the piece. The first movement consists of data recorded from noise level sensors around Dublin in March 2019. This is before the COVID-19 pandemic and the bustling nature of the city is well represented. The second movement consists of data recorded in March 2020 when restrictive and social distancing measures were introduced culminating in a full lockdown on March 27th. This section is notably more sedate. The piece was created with Python, Ableton Live, Max MSP, Reaktor, and Processing.
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