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Stephen Roddy
The Body in the Machine: Indices Online.
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Online Installation, Sound Art, Machine Learning, Music, Indices on the Body, AMAE,DePinto, Jean-Luc Nancy
This piece is an online audio-visual installation that uses machine-learningtechniques to reflect on the interplay of the artist and the artifact in thecontext of technologically mediated arts collaborations. This project grewin dialogue with another ongoing project titled 58+1/63Indices on the Body.That project is a collaboration between the artistic collective AMAE and theartist Pier Giorgio De Pinto and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to which theauthor has also contributed. Adopting Nancy’s view of the body as extendedin the work of AMAE/DePinto and the author, the piece asks what happensto the body when we begin to rely heavily on translations across disembod-ied technologies to mediate our communication and art-making. It reflectson how meaning mutates and transforms as the work is translated acrossvarious technologies and media.
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