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Sound recording
Stephen Roddy
Le Son Du Corps Et Un Corps de Sons
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Jean-Luc Nancy, Pier De Pinto, AMAE, Experimental Music, Sound Art, Music Composition
Musical album
This project grew in dialogue with another ongoing project titled 58+1/63 Indices on the Body. That project is a collaboration between the artistic collective AMAE and the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to which the composer of this work has also contributed. Adopting Nancy’s view of the body as extended in the work of AMAE/DePinto and the composer, the piece asks what happens to the body when we begin to rely heavily on translations across disembodied sonic technologies to mediate our communication and art-making. Words and Speech by Jean-Luc Nancy. Curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE Art. Music & Sound by Stephen Roddy.
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