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Clíona O'Carroll
‘Catching Stories’: Exploring and Sharing Oral Testimony of Infectious Disease and Public Health in Ireland through an Online Archival Resource
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infectious disease; cultural heritage; oral testimony; public health
Since 2019, the Cork Folklore Project has been developing ‘Catching Stories’, a resource of oral testimony relating to infectious disease, with a view to exploring how this type of dissemination/collection initiative might be of value to the public, public health communicators and local communities. This article reviews the work done so far and considers the potential inherent in the development of such a resource. It discusses some of the choices made in structuring the pilot resource, including efforts made to ‘give the audio its due’ in terms of foregrounding excerpts while maintaining links to their broader archival context, and in terms of making space for individual voices and lifeworlds. Considering our increased capacity for both the creation of multi-layered cultural heritage or qualitative dissemination resources, and the use of oral testimony in collaboration with a broad range of disciplines, it is important to share experiences so that archives and testimonyfocussed practitioners can work towards bringing oral testimony into this context in a way that advocates for its full potential as a rich and engaging format.
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