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O'Brien H;Kruger C;Ravindrarasan S;Kiely F;Foley T;
Journal Of Pain And Symptom Management
Perceived Palliative Care Education Needs of GP Trainees: A National Study.
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GP's provide palliative care in the community. Managing complex palliative needs can be challenging for GPs and even more so for GP trainees. During the postgraduate training period GP trainees are working in the community but have more time for education. This time in their career could present a good opportunity for palliative care education. For any education to be effective their educational needs must first be clarified. To explore the perceived palliative care education needs and preferred education methods of GP trainees. A national, multisite qualitative study involving a series of semistructured focus group interviews with third and fourth year GP trainees. Data were coded and analyzed using Reflexive Thematic Analysis. Perceived Educational Needs: five themes were conceptualized: 1) Empowerment vs. Disempowerment; 2) Community Practice; 3) Intra- and Interpersonal Skills; 4) Formative Experiences; 5) Contextual Challenges. Three themes were conceptualized: 1) Oriented Learning-experiential vs. didactic; 2) Practicalities; 3) Communication Skills. This is the first multisite national qualitative study exploring the perceived palliative care educational needs and preferred educational methods of GP trainees. Trainees expressed a unanimous need for experiential palliative care education. Trainees also identified means to address their educational requirements. This study suggests that a collaborative approach between specialist palliative care and general practice is necessary to create educational opportunities.
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