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O'Carroll, Cliona;
How's it goin', boy?
Nonsuch Publishing
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Using material drawn from forty ethnographic interviews carried out with Cork residents in 2004-5, the book explores the particularity of everyday life in Cork city from the perspective of interviewees who grew up in the city, and those from elsewhere who have made Cork their home.  An exploration of migrancy, cultural contact and conceptions of `the local¿ at a time of rapid change, the book attempts to provide a snapshot of the personal worlds to be found in Cork, with the diverse memories and experiences that underlay and inform them, and the intersection of these worlds in the physical and cultural landscape of the city.  The introduction (pp 15-19) gives a succinct overview of the project and of central issues pertaining to the use of audio interviews in a print publication.  The book, along with the radio programmes produced by me for this project, is the public dissemination of just some of the fruits of a successful in-depth community ethnographic project.  Both forms stand as examples of the dissemination of aspects of ethnographic research in a format accessible and of interest to those who contributed to the project and to the general public, without any compromise to the integrity of the materials as an academic research resource.  They rise in some way to the challenge inherent in the academic discipline of Folklore and Ethnology: to disseminate our work in an appropriate form to those who provide our `raw data¿ ¿ ordinary people ¿ and also to engage in public sphere responses to and discussions of social issues such as cultural contact and the flows of people and meaningful forms.

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