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Helena Buffery
Estudis Escenics
The Linguistic Landscapes of Contemporary Catalan Theatre
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multilingualism; plurilingualis; eco-linguistics; eco-translation; linguistic landscapes; contemporary catalan theatre
The concept of linguistic landscape emerged from ethno- and sociolinguis- tics to refer to the visibility of the diverse languages that co-exist in a de- fined territory and the necessity to map the changing relationship between them. Within the field of Translation Studies, it has been combined with eco- critical approaches to rethink the complex connections between languages, cultures, and territories, always recognising the vulnerability of minority languages in the context of globalization. In this initial contribution, I want to explore the changes in the linguistic landscapes of contemporary Catalan theatre, linking them to the triple crisis socioeconomic, political, and envi- ronmental which has been experienced with particular intensity between 2008 and 2021. I will look at three aspects of these ecolinguistic changes: 1. The presence and visibility of plurilingual dramaturgies; 2. The treatment and recovery of invisible or marginal figures from Catalan theatrical tradi- tion (above all as relates to dialectal diversity); 3. The role of translation from other traditions (especially as regards the representation of linguistic con- flict and minority cultural identities).
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