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Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D'Aughton
2011 Unknown
Franciscan faith: sacred art in Ireland, AD 1600-1750
Me fieri fecit: Franciscan chalices 1600-1650
National Museum of Ireland
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The chapter and the accompanying catalogue (with contributions from Raghnall Floinn and Mailan Doquang) discuss artefacts from the Franciscan faith: sacred art in Ireland exhibition, National Museum of Ireland. The chapter focuses on the changes in style and iconography as well as the patterns of patronage during the late medieval and early modern periods. It is a scholarly publication intended for broad audiences with each item individually researched. Artefacts, many previously undocumented, shed a new light on the vibrant cultural and religious milieu of late medieval and early modern Ireland.
R. Floinn
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