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Clarke HJ;McCarthy WP;O'Sullivan MG;Kerry JP;Kilcawley KN;
Foods (Basel, Switzerland)
Oxidative Quality of Dairy Powders: Influencing Factors and Analysis.
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Lipid oxidation (LO) is a primary cause of quality deterioration in fat-containing dairy powders and is often used as an estimation of a products shelf-life and consumer acceptability. The LO process produces numerous volatile organic compounds (VOC) including aldehydes, ketones and alcohols, which are known to contribute to the development of off-flavours in dairy powders. The main factors influencing the oxidative state of dairy powders and the various analytical techniques used to detect VOC as indicators of LO in dairy powders are outlined. As the ability to identify and quantify specific VOC associated with LO improves this review highlights how these techniques can be used in conjunction with olfactory and sensory analysis to better understand product specific LO processes with the aim of maximizing shelf-life without compromising quality.
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